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Nederland TX Homes For Sale

Overview of Nederland TX

Nederland, TX is located in Jefferson County, and has a population of just over 17,500. Settled in 1897 and incorporated in 1940, Nederland offers quick access to the airport, shopping, dining, entertainment and a host of amenities. Originally, dairy farming and rice were the main staples of Nederland’s economy. Eventually that industry collapsed, but oil was discovered. From that point, the town became a place where the oil workers lived. Recreation and tourism are also popular industries there.

Types of Homes in Nederland TX

The median home price in Nederland is upward of $200,000, but not by a large amount. There are more than 100 homes for sale in the area, including some condos. There are also areas of vacant land to be purchased, if someone wants to build a home instead of purchasing one. Both buyers and sellers have good opportunities with the number of Nederland TX homes for sale, so there are options for nearly everyone who wants to move into or out of the area.

Realtors in Nederland TX

Choosing someone to help you buy or sell a home is important, and many people just look for a real estate agent. You can certainly do that, but if you choose a Realtor you’ll be getting the benefit of education and experience that comes with that designation. A Realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and has the training required to join that group. They can be agents or brokers, and they often know more about real estate in the area than a non-Realtor agent would. That’s worth considering when you’re looking for your next home.

Home Seller Tips for Nederland TX

There are a lot of great tips for selling your Nederland TX real estate. You’ve probably heard all the suggestions to paint your home, clean and stage it, and make sure it has plenty of curb appeal. Those things are definitely important. In addition to all of that, though, consider making sure your home is free of odors and the presence of your pet during showings. Some people are allergic, and others may just not be comfortable with a home that smells as though pets are present. You should also avoid cooking foods with strong smells, and using too much air freshener to “hide” smells.

Why You Should Move to Nederland TX

There are plenty of great reasons to move to Nederland. One of the biggest is the proximity to so many other things to do. While the city has a lot of options, there are also other adventures waiting nearby. Natural wonders abound within a short distance, and there are parades, parks, carnivals, a Heritage Festival, and many more events throughout the year. It’s a great place to explore.

Many Retirees Live in Nederland TX

As a retiree, you’ll have options in Nederland, TX. There are more than a dozen senior communities, where you can pursue an active lifestyle and still enjoy a quieter location. Additionally, there are assisted living and home care options available. If you’re still very active and want to explore the area, Nederland has plenty of great things for you to experience at any age.

Schools in Nederland TX

The school system in Nederland has high ratings, with parents generally pleased with the quality of education provided by the Nederland Independent School District. There are also private schools for grades from preschool through seventh. Nearly 95 percent of residents in Nederland have a high school diploma, while more than 21 percent have a college education. Nederland, TX is a great place to learn.

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