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Vidor TX Homes For Sale

Overview of Vidor TX

Vidor is located in the western part of Orange County, TX. It’s close to the nearby Port Arthur and Beaumont refining complexes, and many people who work there call Vidor home. There are nearly 10,600 people who live in the area. It was logged heavily during the time of railway building, and nearly everyone who lived in the community at the time worked for the local lumber company. When that company moved further north for access to more timber, some residents remained and the community developed into an actual town.

Types of Homes in Vidor TX

There are more than 200 Vidor TX homes for sale, ranging in price from under $50,000 to over $350,000. Most homes in Vidor are single-story, but there are some multi-story options available. There are also building lots where a person can put their own home. Many of the homes are brick, while others have different siding options. There’s a wide range of sizes for the homes available to buyers in Vidor.

Realtors in Vidor TX

When someone is licensed to sell real estate and belongs to the National Association of Realtors, that person is called a Realtor. That’s a different designation from someone who is a real estate agent. Being an agent doesn’t necessarily mean a person belongs to the NAR, just that they are licensed to sell real estate. It’s best to choose a Realtor for buying or selling, to get the experience and education of the person helping you buy or sell a home.

Home Seller Tips for Vidor TX

Ready to sell your Vidor home? There are some important things to consider when it’s time to do that. For example, remember that curb appeal matters. You’ll want to clean up your landscaping and make sure the front of your house looks good. Get rid of any clutter, both inside and out, as well. That way buyers will see a well-kept, neat home they can imagine living in. Paint is a great choice, too, as are great photos, proper marketing, and working with a good agent. Make repairs, have the home cleaned, and then make sure you keep everything neat and orderly for showings of your Vidor property.

Why You Should Move to Vidor TX

There are excellent reasons to move to Vidor, including shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The area ranks highly with many of the people who live there, and on various calculators that recognize livability scoring. Vidor is also close to larger metropolitan areas, so it’s easy to get to other amenities as needed. Being able to travel around the region from a good location makes Vidor an excellent choice for nearly all age groups and lifestyle types.

Many Retirees Live in Vidor TX

If you’re planning on retiring to Vidor TX, you should know there is plenty to enjoy in the area. Nearly 15 percent of the total population are seniors, and many of them live alone. That’s a great opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. There are a number of senior housing options, along with assisted living and home health care choices, as well. Texas ranks highly for senior quality of life, and Vidor is no exception.

Schools in Vidor TX

For parents, or those who plan to become parents in the future, the schools in Vidor are important. The Vidor Independent School District serves an area of just over 121 square miles, and has two high schools, a junior high school, and two elementary schools. The school district has high ratings from parents and is recognized by the state as an educational provider.

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